Kidsville Academy End of Year Party – celebrating Excellence.

Auspicious, would be the word to use for the Kidsvile Academy dinner and award night which was the crowning of all events of the worldclass school for the year 2016. The event played host to students, parents, teachers, staffs and well wishers giving everyone chills from the thrills of each performance.

Performances from students were both entertaining and exciting to watch with some peak solo performances from Mark Henry (grade 5) and Mark Henry (grade 8), and yes you got that right, both Mark Henry.

The parents were not left out of the fun as they had their own SHOW DOWN performance which was a solidarity performance to cheer the kids haven seen kids from all grades perform.

The tempo of the event was practically set on fire with the raffle draws awarding winners with mouth watering prizes which was evident from the smiles and excitements on their faces.

Parents were simply blown away seeing their kids on stage like some SUPER STARS but that wont be the climax of the event because the fireworks were “to die for” which came after the closing remarks from the Husband of the Proprietress,   endearing parents to continue with their support for the school and excellent education for their kids.

Speaking with the brain and force behind this global brand school Mrs. Dennis Masi we learnt that kidsville is just 9 years but has acheived a feat that would be a wonder to all which is thanks to her passion and support from her husband, staff, parents, the kids and most of all GOD.

On the future of Kidsville Academy she states that Kidsville Academy will be more than it is today relating that there are lots of plans on ground and the year 2017 is bright for the school.
Her candid advice to parents is simple, COME AND VISIT US.

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