Big Brother Naija: Bassey Wins the Head of House Task on Day 50; Find Out Who’s Up for Possible Eviction

Hope you guys  watched the Day 50 of the Big Brother Reality TV show? If you did not, hmm you probably missed a lot but we’ve got the highlights all covered for you!

Big Brother Naija: When the player gets played

For a while now  it’s been clear to any hardcore, Big Brother Naija fan that ThinTallTony‘s interest in Bisola is no longer romantic. In fact, if  Bisola‘s revelation last night is anything to go by, his advances were never romantic, to begin with.

She made it clear to Efe that she believes he’s been using her to get close to TBoss.  She said exactly the same thing to TBoss after Saturday’s party  declaring that ThinTallTony wouldn’t care if  she made out with Bally because he didn’t want “her box”.

Pretty blunt words, but they showed how slighted  Bisola seems to be feeling right now.

This is  where things get a little  interesting because ThinTallTony revealed a few  weeks ago that he’s not interested in TBoss and finds her obsession with cleanliness quite annoying. He also pointed out that he was only teasing her and flirting in order to figure her out and get in her head. His plan seems to have failed however as TBoss also made an insightful revelation to Debie-Rise that she knew Tony was “trying to make her a pawn in his game”.

Big Brother Naija: Bassey is your new head of house

Biggie called the Housemates into the lounge to fill them in on the details of the Task. They seemed  a little taken aback, particularly  Efe who  was still faffing half naked. Biggie called him to order and told him to “get dressed immediately” which elicited a few giggles from his peers.  Biggie then  brought  one of his Ninja’s into the House  carrying with him, a hat full of  numbers. The Housemates  had to draw numbers from the hat which would  dictate the order in which they’d take turns completing.

Biggie then  brought  one of his Ninja’s into the House  carrying with him,  a hat- full of  numbers. The Housemates  had to draw numbers from the hat which would  dictate the order in which they’d take turns competing.

Biggie then asked them to head to the Arena where they found a large table with several  cups placed upside down. Underneath each cup was a stone. A blue stone granted victory and the title of Head of House.  A white stone meant immediate disqualification and  a clear stone gave the Housemates another shot to continue in the game.

Right from the get-go, ThinTallTony picked a white stone and lost his title as Head of House after a two-week  winning streak. The Ninjas then shuffled the cups around before the Housemates had another go and this time Bassey picked the lucky, blue stone becoming HoH for the first time ever!

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Housemates champion random acts of kindness at the Big Brother Naija

This time the Head of House was given a totem that represents random acts of kindness, and whoever holds it must perform a selfless, sacrificial action of humanity towards another for the rest of the week.

But first Housemates had to come together on how to name the totem. A few names were circulated, from Jasmina, Mary and Lovette and ultimately Mary won the most votes. However, Housemates seemed to have a different understanding of the very meaning of kindness, with some vouching for selfless and others plain hardcore sacrificial.

While they were still having a hard time agreeing on the extent of their kindness, HoH Bassey put a black crate in the middle of the room and ordered everybody to fill it with three of their most precious personal items: Bisola brought a perfume bottle as well as a piece of her mother’s wardrobe, while Debie-Rise reluctantly brought her beloved guitar among others to the kindness box. Once filled, HoH Bassey sat down aside with Bally who pleaded with him to be kind and let him remain in the House.

Once filled, HoH Bassey sat down aside with Bally who pleaded with him to be kind and let him remain in the House. However, HoH Bassey gently cut him short immediately reminding him of Biggie’s no conspiracy rules while handing him the totem.

Left with the totem, Bally turned to Debie-Rise who challenged him to paint her toenails as an act of kindness.  Bally diligently applied himself to painting the fingernails too, thereby winning his challenge.

Debie-Rise who was then handed the totem, turned to Marvis who took great delight requesting that she cooks Egusi soup for the Housemates dinner.

And so whilst Debie-Rise was busy chopping and sweating behind the stove, Housemates were gleefully playing cards around the dinner table.

Big Brother Naija : Housemate up for possible eviction

Ebuka got the ball rolling and it was straight into the House where Biggie called the new Igwe,  Bassey into the Diary Room and he nominated TBoss as he felt that, last week “she threw some jabs at people and was not ready to take them back,” He thought that she was about herself.

He also chose Bally as he felt that he hadn’t been put up for Eviction before and it would be nice for him to “feel the heat.” Biggie reminded everyone not to discuss their Nominations with anyone else in the House.

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Marvis was next and she chose Bassey and ThinTallTony. She chose Bassey because he was Head of House and TTT because he was competition. Biggie reminded her that she was not able to choose the HoH so she changed it to TBoss. She said that she was competition as she was close to her at the last HoH challenge.

ThinTallTony was next and he wasted no time in choosing Bally as he hadn’t been up for Nomination before and he Nominated Efe saying that he didn’t have a reason for Efe, and that seemed to be good enough for Biggie.

The resident guitarist, and visibly stressed Debie-Rise was next in for her Nomination Diary Session and she chose Bally and ThinTallTony. She Nominated Bally as he had not been up for Nomination and she chose TTT because he hadn’t been up for Nomination for a while.

Efe was next in and he chose TBoss immediately, without hesitation, and he also chose ThinTallTony. “TBoss it’s the same usually” he went on about how she was manipulative and spoke about a few incidents that he, “based on logistics” felt that ThinTallTony always Nominated him.

TBoss, looked miserable when she came into the Diary Room. She chose Efe and Marvis as “This is a game and I am sure they Nominated me as well.” No love lost there, then.

Bally was next up next and he nominated ThinTallTony as he felt that he was a threat to his game and he gave the same reason for Nominating TBoss.

Bisola was next and she Nominated Bassey and Debie-Rise. Biggie told her that Bassey was immune as he was HoH which put her in a fluster. She chose TBoss and struggled to give a reason. She fumbled for a while and said that she was next in line for her Vote.

Biggie got Bally, TBoss and ThinTallTony to stand up and he made them wait before announcing that they were up for Nomination. Bassey was given his opportunity to save and replace and he chose to save Bally and replaced him with Efe. Bassey sat down and Efe stood up to join TBoss and ThinTallTony.

Marvis was told to stand and she was able to Nominate anyone of the Housemates with her Power Card and she was given 30 seconds and she Nominated Debie-Rise who covered her face in despair.

Biggie then wished them a good night and left the Housemates to mull over what had just happened.


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