About TN Blog

TN Blog is an online portal of Trailblazers Ng. which deals on all round entertainments, lifestyle, educational, articles, health issues, sports, fashion and lots more.

VISION: To empower the 21st century youths in discovering their abilities and skills through self-exposures to themselves and to the world, causing them to redefine and package themselves for excellence.

METHODS/ TOOLS: Internet/ICT, Media (TV/ radio), social networking and capacity building.

MOTTO: Empowering the 21st century youths.

MISSION: To raise youths who will effectively and efficiently create lasting impact in their Nation and the world by creating media through which their ideas and concepts are expressed in their chosen fields and profession.

Who we are

TN Blog was born on the 30th day of Aprail 2012 as a blog @ www.trailblazersng.blogspot.com  and today we now stand @ www.trailblazersng.com.

We desire to be Africa’s leading Entertainment, Media, Fashion, Style, Beauty and Showbiz website.

A great site where information is treasured to keep you informed.

A unique and trending portal of information!

Welcome to TN Blog Experience the difference.

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